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Current Rates (22.11.19)

 Current Rate:
Rates in euros per minute.
Flat rates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Superb wholesale rates for Calling Card Providers who want to increase their profits dramatically!
Calling Card Connect specializes in international traffic. We offer several products, all at very good rates. Calling Card Connect is now looking for companies who bring out their own callingcards. We have a great callingcard solution, so if you seek to improve your profits, contact us now!

Check our incredible low rates.
You define you own commission above these prices. This commission varies from 1% till 30%.
For example: you monthly sell 1000 calling cards at 10,- each, with a commission of 30%. Then your profit per month is € 3000,-

Quality and Flexibility at excellent rates!
we: We offer highly competitive wholesale prices and more flexible calling card services than our competitors. Our Platform is connected to all major international carriers, so we provide excellent quality. We work strictly on prepaid basis to ensure a lasting service for many years.

you: Bill your customers by your own tariffplan. We put your rates in our system, so callers can be charged automatically.

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